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WiCast - WiFi Multicast project UML design overview

WiCast has been designed in UML using ArgoUml

1.0 Server Usecase

The WiCast Server multicasts XML traffic on a UDP mulitcast stream as a channel, the client can join a channel to browse that traffic.

WiCast Usecase Diagram

2.0 Domain Model

The WiCast Server carries a number of channels, the client contains a tuner that can receive a channel through a stream.

WiCast WiFi Multicast UML Domain Model Diagram

2.1 Namespace

The WiCast Client is designed for use with WiFi enabled mobile devices.

WiCast WiFi Multicast UML namespace Model

2.2 Domain Model Diagram

The WiCast Domain Model.

WiCast WiFi Multicast UML domain Model

rfc792 - Internet Control Message Protocol
rfc919 - Broadcasting Internet Datagrams
rfc922 -Broadcasting Internet datagrams in the presence of subnets
RFC950 - Internet Standard Subnetting Procedure
RFC1112 - Host extensions for IP multicasting
RFC2365 - Administratively Scoped IP Multicast
RFC4607 - Source-Specific Multicast for IP

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